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software consultancy

Tolulope Michael Makinde
Adrienne Marden
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Cyril Pauya

Rapid River consists of developers from around the world, working together to have fun while solving hard problems for our clients.

Why we exist

Rapid River was founded 2013 to focus on solving the sort of complex, full-stack problems that cause organizations to become stuck. We believe that finding solutions using a broad set of skills is not only beneficial to our clients, but also invigorating and enjoyable.

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Our values

We believe that success in technical consulting results from competence, commitment, clarity, honesty, and compassion.

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Be competent

The world of software development is always changing. At Rapid River we never sit still, and are always looking to understand how new technologies and approaches can improve our work. A lifelong passion for learning new things and engaging with others to gain alternative perspectives is a key to success at Rapid River.

Be committed

We believe that the leverage gained from truly caring about your work outweighs any other skill you can bring to the table. At Rapid River we meet our clients' interesting and challenging tasks with interest and commitment that does not wane until a good solution has been found.

Be clear and honest

So many of the failures we observe in our client organizations stem first and foremost from a failure to communicate clearly and honestly. Calling something "good enough", avoiding uneasy technical problems, or not bothering to pursue items that remain unclearly resolved, are the silt that accumulates slowly in the pipes of any organization. At Rapid River we thrive on clear, honest, respectful communication to ensure that we are always improving the world in which we work.

Be compassionate

Software development is a human enterprise, and at Rapid River we put the human aspect first. We listen to each other, lift each other up, celebrate our successes, and help each other out when things aren't so great.

The team

Meet the people who make Rapid River such a valued resource for our clients.


Some former Rapid Riverers whose work makes us proud.