Project Rescue

It is often the case that a project which is critical to a business reaches a state in which it has racked up a significant amount of technical debt. Development of new features becomes slower and slower. The list of maintenance and security fixes needed keeps growing. The technology powering the project is running on old versions, which if not at end-of-life already are fast approaching it. Key technical people have moved on. The project is spiralling towards a perilous situation. When this happens, the project needs to be Rescued.

Benefits of Performing a Project Rescue

  • Your project is going to be saved. It is going to continue to perform that critical function that it’s doing today.
  • The most painful areas of technical debt will be repaid. More reasonable levels of feature development will become attainable.
  • The groundwork for introducing a new team of developers will be performed, with expectations laid out up front.
  • Maintenance and security concerns will diminish with modern versions of technology being introduced.

The Project Rescue Process

  1. Product Briefing: we meet with you to get a better understanding of the desired product direction.
  2. Code Audit: we review the codebase and ensure we understand the system thoroughly. While doing this and compile an Audit Report, which will guide us in defining the groundwork and tech debt repayment tasks we decide to do first.
  3. Groundwork: we complete a variety of tasks that bring the development process itself into a workable state.
  4. Technical Debt Repayment: we complete a variety of tasks which repay the most pressing technical debt. We remove the most significant pain points, which typically includes in-depth refactoring work, technology upgrades, and in cases complete rewrites of services within the application stack.

With this process complete, the project is Rescued, and we can consider working together under a Custom Software Development arrangement.

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