Custom Software Development

Whether for a new initiative or to help with an existing project, when we join your team our aim is to bring your business forward. We are value oriented and wish to become not just a deliverer of tasks, but a thought partner in your company’s mission.

Some of the values we bring with us to every situation we encounter are:

  • Async communication. We understand that good communication rules above all else. We take the time to communicate fully, accurately and clearly, to allow other team members to digest information on their own schedule.
  • Creative problem solving. We think creatively about problems, in order to achieve desired results with less effort and in a shorter time frame.
  • Trustworthiness and dependability. We strive to do the Right Thing in every situation. We avoid cutting corners that will hurt us later on. We are clear about the trade-offs and consequences in the decisions we make. We take your concerns and interests to heart. We sometimes break our own rules if the situation warrants.
  • Continuous delivery. We lean on sound engineering practices to get changes into production safely and quickly. Techniques like feature toggles, test coverage, similar environments, comprehensive business metric monitoring.

For projects where we staff all developer roles, we like to work as follows:

  • We prefer to practice Scrum. We carry out our work in two-week Sprints. From the outset we ensure that three key roles are present on the team: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers. Whether these roles are provided by people on your team or by Rapid River matters less than ensuring that they exist in the first place. We also make sure that an approach to QA is outlined, whether it be via Developers building integration tests in addition to the unit tests they write, or via dedicated QA people.
  • We groom the product backlog regularly. We measure the team’s velocity. These practices lead to keeping the project’s roadmap focused and forecasted timelines accurate.
  • We make appropriate technology choices and write robust, maintainable code.

When we work with your existing development team:

  • We will use the tools that you and your team are using already. We’ll fit into your workflow.
  • Once we have grokked your system, we typically start suggesting changes that we believe will benefit all parties. If you find our suggestions agreeable, we’ll work them into the backlog.
  • If your code is difficult to work with, we may find on-boarding more challenging. But we can handle it. We have successfully contributed to, and have even taken full ownership of, applications of this nature. We can even help you get a project back on track.

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