These are the building blocks of what we do. We draw on our technical skills to create custom solutions for our clients.


We are passionate proponents of Agile software development. Our teams typically practice either Scrum or Kanban. We can help you adopt an Agile approach on your team or in your company.

Backend Development

Our overarching strength is Ruby on Rails. We also like to use PHP Laravel when circumstances are appropriate. We complement our web framework choices with open-source technologies like PostgreSQL and Redis.

Data Engineering

We are able to set up data ingestion systems using Kafka, Spark and the Hadoop ecosystem.


From development to production, we prefer to use container-based solutions like Docker. We’ve deployed many orchestrations using Kubernetes on platforms such as GCP and AWS. We make our apps observable and monitor them with tools such as Datadog.

Frontend Development

For building rich web applications, we like to use JavaScript, TypeScript and the NextJS framework for React. We also enjoy writing semantically correct HTML and well organized CSS.

Project Coordination

We are experienced in areas such as strategic technical planning and technical debt repayment planning via refactoring and re-architecting. We can help you run recruitment campaigns for staffing your own technical teams.


Each project has a unique set of requirements, and we offer solutions to suit each product. Find out what we can do for you.

Greenfield Product Development

If you’re looking to build a new product from scratch we can be your technical partner from day one. We know how to navigate the product development lifecycle, guiding you at every step of the way.

  1. Initial Requirements Gathering
    • We’ll work with you to compile information about what it is you’re aiming to build.
  2. Design Prototype
    • We’ll partner with an experienced design firm to carry out a Design Sprint. This week-long process will result in a design prototype of your product being built.
  3. MVP Implementation
    • We assemble a Scrum team and iterate towards an MVP. The end goal of this phase is to have real customers pay for the product. We’ll bring in suitable partners to build aspects of the product that we won’t build ourselves, for example native mobile applications.
  4. General Availability & Beyond
    • We continue fleshing out the product, helping you grow your user base and hit your growth targets.

Project Rescue

Projects critical to business needs can rack up significant technical debt. Feature development slows. Maintenance and security fixes pile up. Versions of the technology powering the project have reached end-of-life. Key technical people have moved on. The project spirals towards a perilous end. When this happens, the project needs to be rescued.

  1. Code Audit
    • We’ll deep dive into your codebase and technical processes, identify what is working and what isn’t, then recommend a suitable course of action.
  2. Optimization and Support
    • We’ll provide immediate support for your application, even if our recommendation is to significantly rework things. Your business still needs to function in the short term after all.
  3. Technical Debt Repayment
    • Whether we have agreed to carry out some refactoring of the existing application, re-architect larger pieces of it or perform a complete rebuild - this is when we get busy implementing this work.
  4. Custom Software Development
    • With the project back on track, we can transition into providing more typical product development for your application.
  5. In-House Team
    • Eventually you may prefer to staff your technical team yourself. We can help you do that, and help hand off associated responsibilities too.

Custom Software Development

For existing projects, when we join your team our aim is to bring your business forward. We are value oriented and wish to become not just a deliverer of tasks, but a thought partner in your company’s mission.

  1. Rapid Ramp-Up
    • We’ll get ourselves on-boarded onto your team and ready to complete work quickly.
  2. Process Alignment
    • Whether fitting into your established workflow or bringing our own, we’ll fit in and work side by side with your people in a complementary fashion.
  3. Working Alongside In Situ Software
    • We’ll take a deeper dive into discovering your existing stack. We’ll learn about and figure out how to plan, build and deploy services which will co-exist with existing components in your system.
  4. Internal Projects or Team Collaboration
    • We can take ownership of a particular development area within your architecture, or we can join forces with one of your existing teams.

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