The value we bring

We are value oriented and wish to become not just a deliverer of tasks, but a thought partner in your company’s mission.

Connected computers with messages being read at different times

Async Communication

Good communication rules above all else. We strive to communicate fully, accurately and clearly to allow other team members to digest information on their own schedule.

A thinking head having a puzzle piece attached to it

Creative Problem Solving

Tricky problems call for creative solutions. We keep your project's individuality in mind when coming up with the most appropriate solution requiring the least effort, in a shortest time frame.

Hands forming a continous circle of trust

Trustworthiness and Dependability

We are partners in our efforts to bring your vision to life. We communicate transparently, provide solutions with your product's best intestest in mind and always take your concerns to heart.

Constantly deploying code

Continuous Delivery

We aim to be the remover of blockers in your process. Relying on sound engineering practices, we will get changes into production safely and quickly. Your product will grow and thrive with us.

For new projects

For projects where we staff all developer roles, we like to work as follows:


We carry out our work in two-week Sprints, making sure that our teams are configured to effectively fill the various scrum roles.

Product Backlog Grooming

We groom the product backlog regularly. We measure the team’s velocity. Keeping the project’s roadmap focused enables us to accurately forecast timelines.

For Existing Projects

When we work with your existing development team:

Gain Understanding

We will make every effort to fully understand your project and where you're coming from. We will use the tools that you and your team are using already. We’ll fit into your workflow.

Propose Improvements

Once we have grokked your system, and fully understood your business needs, we will propose improvements and changes that we believe will benefit all parties.

Project Rescue

On-boarding may be more challenging if your code is difficult to work with. But we can handle it. We have been able to successfully work with applications of this nature before.

Your project details

If you've decided to work with us, let us know with the form below. We can set up a meeting to start our collaboration.

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Whether you're looking for a custom software solution or you need a project rescued, we're in the business of helping you solve your unique problems.